Unique MMO with PvPvE style

Exciting battles in the air, quest systems, stigmas and crafts

Aion is a world where dreams of flight become reality

Here you can soar on your own wings of unprecedented beauty and fight enemies right in the sky

  • High online 3000+ in prime time

  • Bonuses per game every day

  • Classic Client v4.6

  • Katalams

  • Active sieges

  • PvP locations

  • PvP Events

Aion Elyos

Elyos, left on the bright side of Atreia, preserved beauty and attractiveness, and their wings did not lose their whiteness. But they also had to take up arms to protect their home - the solar Elios.

Aion Elyos

A planet engulfed in war

Long time ago, the god Aion created Atreus - a wonderful corner of the universe, where good and harmony should reign. The planet was one, and the Tower of Eternity gave her light.

But everything changed after the awakening of the Balaur, an aggressive and power-hungry race that knew neither pity nor compassion. The war caused a terrible cataclysm. The Tower of Eternity was destroyed, and the planet split in half.

Aion Asmodean

The Asmodians, doomed to survive in the darkness, had claws, their wings turned black, and their eyes began to emit a furious light. The ice land of Asmodeus became their native land, for which it is not a pity to give up life.


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