Unique MMO with PvPvE style

Let's play

Aion Legend

In the letter you will receive
the first task

We will tell you what treasures keeps the world of Atreia

And, of course - we will tell how to get bonuses

Donates is not much, unlike the official server, so if you compare all the same server, Aion Legend is better in many ways, for example, at the beginning of the game you are not given top gear, dungeons and some missions are not lightened, that gives the motivation and value to the game, and the produced gear, because for him it was necessary to survive a lot and so on, in general, everything is cool.
  • High online 3000+ in prime time

  • Bonuses per game every day

  • Classic Client v4.6

  • Katalams

  • Active sieges

  • PvP locations

  • PvP Events

Download the game installer

Windows Icon 2.48 Mb


Installing the game

  1. Run the downloaded file
  2. In the application, select the installation path
  3. Run the client update

Next, the game will be automatically installed

We wish you a pleasant game!

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