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Starter kit
Full Set for Start

for 10 CoL 1 CoL

  • Set of equipment
  • Set of scrolls
  • Mana and life potions
  • Peppermint Tea and Candy
  • Mount


  • Discount allows you to reduce the cost of items in Exchange Store and Premium Services.
  • The discount is 100% CoL spent for 3 calendar days (not 72 h after replenishment) (including the day of replenishment), but not exceeding the investment.
  • The spent CoLs are only counted in Exchange Store, Premium Services, as well as the use of remodels and dyeing in Equipment Store. The offset does not include a bonus account and already accumulated discounts!
  • Gifts and Wishlist are not included in the amount of spent coins.
  • The discount is calculated after 14 days after use CoL.

    August 1 you have purchased 100 CoL.
    And bought on August 1 10 Box of luck of a total value of 60 Col, and on August 3, you have activated xDrop x5 for 30 days for 5 CoL.
    Thus, on August 17, your discount will be increased for 65 CoL.

  • The discount will be added if the total amount of payments during the day was not less than 50 CoL.
  • The service is in test mode, and the calculation and charging periods can be changed.

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